Convert your cluttered box room to a show-piece en suite

Edinburgh tenement flats are renowned for their traditional features. These are most commonly high ceilings, bay windows, “Edinburgh press” cupboards and most importantly, the internal box room. Internal box rooms are often found cluttered with old junk belonging to the flat’s inhabitants, everything from age-old bikes that no longer work to step ladders that see the light of day once a year when it’s time to put the Christmas tree up. Many tenement owners are realising the potential of their box room and converting it to an internal kitchen (usually for HMO rental purposes) or for use as a home office. However, what do you do if your internal box room adjoins one of your bedrooms and is wasted as a walk in wardrobe? How do you make the most of the space you have? The answer could be to turn it into a show-piece en-suite.

An en suite bathroom or shower room is an integral part of modern flat design. You would not expect to find a well-designed modern flat without at least one en suite for the main bedroom. However in traditionally properties the en suite is not a common feature. For as little as £2,000 tenement flat owners can convert a box room or walk in closet from unused storage space to a state of the art en-suite. An en-suite bathroom or shower room can bring the specification of a tenement flat up to a high modern standard. This is an important part of the demands that home owners and tenants have in today’s competitive rental and sales market.

Key aspects to bear in mind when thinking about an internal en suite conversion are layout, design and lighting. The lay out is important as due to the restricted nature of the space, getting the lay out right is of utmost importance for the usability of the en suite. The last thing you want is to buy a full size sink that impedes that entrance to the shower cubicle when a wall mounted sink would have more appropriate. Secondly, the design should complement the rest of the flat and intended user. For student rented HMO properties you should prioritise value and durability of the suite over the aesthetic design. This priority will change if you are the house proud home owner who is thinking more about personal use. Fortunately we have a huge range of designs and suppliers that we source from to match any budget. The last thing to think carefully about is the lighting. ask a question A box room is a room with no windows so there is no natural light. The right lighting ambiance is important so that it complements the design of the suite and brings life to the room. Mirrors are also a useful tool to help give the new en-suite the feeling of space and enhanced light.

Please see the examples of how this can be done well on our website and call one of our team to discuss how you can make more of your internal box room.

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